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Largest places in Uzbekistan

The largest cities and places in Uzbekistan at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Uzbekistan.

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Largest places in Uzbekistan
Tashkent Tashkent1.Toshkent Shahri Toshkent Shahri1,978,028
Namangan Namangan2.Namangan Namangan432,456
Samarqand Samarqand3.Samarqand Samarqand319,366
Andijon Andijon4.Andijon Andijon318,419
Bukhara Bukhara5.Bukhara Bukhara247,644
Nukus Nukus6.Karakalpakstan Karakalpakstan230,006
Qarshi Qarshi7.Qashqadaryo Qashqadaryo222,898
Qo`qon Qo‘qon8.Fergana Fergana187,477
Chirchiq Chirchiq9.Toshkent Toshkent167,842
Fergana Fergana10.Fergana Fergana164,322
Jizzax Jizzax11.Jizzax Jizzax152,642
Urganch Urganch12.Xorazm Xorazm150,110
Tirmiz Tirmiz13.Surxondaryo Surxondaryo140,385
Marg`ilon Marg‘ilon14.Fergana Fergana133,490
Navoiy Navoiy15.Navoiy Navoiy129,725
Angren Angren16.Toshkent Toshkent126,957
Navoiy Navoiy17.Navoiy Navoiy125,800
Olmaliq Olmaliq18.Toshkent Toshkent121,207
Bekobod Bekobod19.Toshkent Toshkent86,259
Denov Denov20.Surxondaryo Surxondaryo68,994
Chust Shahri Chust Shahri21.Namangan Namangan64,966
Kogon Kogon22.Bukhara Bukhara62,620
Yangiyul Yangiyŭl23.Toshkent Toshkent60,000
Koson Koson24.Qashqadaryo Qashqadaryo59,681
Kattaqo'rg'on Kattaqo’rg’on25.Samarqand Samarqand59,382
Oltinko'l Oltinko’l26.Karakalpakstan Karakalpakstan59,122
Shahrisabz Shahrisabz27.Qashqadaryo Qashqadaryo57,051
Asaka Asaka28.Andijon Andijon56,736
Khiwa Khiwa29.Xorazm Xorazm55,567
Guliston Guliston30.Sirdaryo Sirdaryo53,373
Beruniy Beruniy31.Karakalpakstan Karakalpakstan50,929
Khujayli Khŭjayli32.Karakalpakstan Karakalpakstan50,000
Chortoq Chortoq33.Namangan Namangan49,844
Novyy Turtkul' Novyy Turtkul’34.Karakalpakstan Karakalpakstan48,908
Urgut Urgut35.Samarqand Samarqand47,373
Kosonsoy Kosonsoy36.Namangan Namangan43,684
Kitob Kitob37.Qashqadaryo Qashqadaryo41,938
Ghijduwon Ghijduwon38.Bukhara Bukhara41,070
Oqtosh Oqtosh39.Samarqand Samarqand38,307
Parkent Parkent40.Toshkent Toshkent35,973
Ohangaron Ohangaron41.Toshkent Toshkent35,516
Uchqurghon Shahri Uchqŭrghon Shahri42.Namangan Namangan33,323
Quva Quva43.Fergana Fergana33,167
Yangiyer Yangiyer44.Sirdaryo Sirdaryo32,636
Quvasoy Quvasoy45.Fergana Fergana32,024
Manghit Manghit46.Karakalpakstan Karakalpakstan30,854
Uychi Uychi47.Namangan Namangan29,683
Nurota Nurota48.Navoiy Navoiy29,403
Muborak Muborak49.Qashqadaryo Qashqadaryo29,180
Toshbuloq Toshbuloq50.Namangan Namangan28,562

1 - 50 of 115 places
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